Prayer for 2017

Jesus, Word Incarnate,
You are our Companion at all times.
Even in those times when we are not aware of Your presence,
You journey with us.
Help us trust that this is so.
Help us recognize You in the many ways You reveal Yourself to us.

We invite You to stay with us until our hearts burn within us;
until our eyes are opened;
until our lives are transformed by Your presence
and by Your gentle guidance

Then, we ask You, send us forth filled with Your Spirit,
with renewed vigor and joy, to tell our world,
so often in pain and despair,
that we have encountered the Risen Lord.

Help us live each day this year in a manner
that will enable us to proclaim anew to the world that You are alive,
that You are the Way, that You are the Truth,
and that You are our life.

– Sr. Mary Pezold, CCVI