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The Incarnate Word Foundation promotes efforts in our community to empower the poor and marginalized, especially women, children, and seniors, to attain quality of life. Our Mission


Grantee Spotlight:

  • We believe in a community where the poor and marginalized have the ability to attain quality of life. As we envision and actively work to advance equity and well-being in St. Louis, we went to our grant partners. We asked them about their vision for St. Louis and what their organizations are doing to move toward that vision.

    Click the link below to watch the video and hear from our partners!


An invitation for St. Louis to come together, learn together, and engage in reuniting divided communities.

Listen to experts, share ideas, and participate in respectful discourse on race, religion, response to violence, evolving social structures— all topics which have historically divided our community and wield power to block present and future creative response.

STL Youth Jobs

This program bridges the divide between our region’s youth and the growing skills gap in our workforce by training our youth to be ready for the jobs of tomorrow and providing practical experience today.

Human Trafficking Awareness

Curriculum developed by social work faculty at Fontbonne University works to educate social service practitioners about human trafficking.

Shut It Down

Shut It Down is a collaborative initiative of 9 funders providing education on racial equity and implicit bias for Saint Louis Public Schools personnel.

Place-Based Funding

We focus on a place-based funding strategy that invests in specific neighborhoods.

Our community footprint includes under-resourced communities throughout Missouri and East Saint Louis. Each year the Foundation prioritizes certain neighborhoods based on research and community need.