Plant & Care for an Urban Orchard in St. Louis City

The Incarnate Word Foundation (IWF) is seeking applications for an organization/individual partnership to plant and care for an Urban Orchard in St. Louis City. This project spurs localized economic and community development by serving the surrounding neighborhood with access to fruit trees and providing public green space. A percentage of the produce yielded from the orchards will be sold as a revenue-generator for the Orchard Steward. Education and orchard design will be provided by EarthDance and Custom Foodscaping.A total of 5 organizations/individuals will be part of this network of orchards. Each orchard will be planted on a LRA owned lot, identified and leased by the applicant & purchased by the foundation.

This grant will provide:

– Assistance with LRA land acquisition
– Classes and Education from EarthDance
– Orchard Materials (trees, plants, fertilizer, etc)

Orchard Stewards will spend 5-10 hours per month at the orchard. Mentoring Organizations will receive a small stipend of $1,000 to serve as liaison and meet with orchard steward regularly.

This application is two-fold:

Mentoring Organization / Lead Agency Application due December 15th, 2017. The Mentor Organization will choose the desired LRA parcel and include the information in the application. IWF will work with LRA to acquire the property.

Orchard Steward Application due February 2nd, 2017. This application will be sent to the organizations once they are selected. The Orchard Steward will be recruited by the Mentor Organization and the two will meet regularly to maintain the orchard with assistance from EarthDance.


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For more information, contact Megan Armentrout
p: 314-773-5100