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RECON ⋆ Incarnate Word Foundation
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A call to RECONnect, RECONcile, and RECONsecrate

An Invitation for St. Louis to Come Together, Learn Together, and Engage in Reuniting Divided Communities

Incarnate Word Foundation and its community partners will host opportunities for St. Louis to listen to experts, share ideas, and participate in respectful discourse on race, religion, response to violence, evolving social structures, responsible use of social media—all topics which have historically divided our community and wield power to block present and future creative response. Our mission, grounded in the belief that God became human and dwells in all persons, challenges us to rediscover the beauty and value of diverse peoples, opinions, and approaches to problem-solving. We invite all who honestly seek truth to have a voice at the table.


We partner in creativity, sharing of responsibility, and welcoming new voices into the conversation.

  • The Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis
  • St. Louis University
  • St. Louis Public Library
  • St. Louis County Library
  • Missouri History Museum
  • Nine Network of St. Louis
  • St. Louis Mayor’s Office
  • …and a growing number of community partners

“Let us join together in rediscovering civility, believing that respect is at the heart of understanding and building life-giving communities.”

For more information about RECON community activities, visit the Events page.