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COVID-19 and STL Kids: A Virtual Forum

Dear Colleagues, The Incarnate Word Foundation is partnering with the Deaconess Foundation to sponsor a public forum for parents, community leaders and stakeholders to discuss the impact of and available resources for COVID-19 for St. Louis’s children. In order to log on and bring questions to this Virtual Forum tomorrow, Friday, March 20th at 10:00…


IWF convenes Missouri funders to discuss the Effects of Missouri Budget & Policy on Children & Families

In Fall 2019, Incarnate Word Foundation convened Missouri funders who invest in child-serving agencies to discuss the “Effects of Missouri Budget & Policy on Children & Families.” Mike Fitzgerald of the Incarnate Word Foundation welcomed attendees (above) to the event, hosted in Columbia, Missouri. Summary The Honorable Kip Kendrick, Missouri State Representative, welcomed participants and…


IWF co-sponsors A Candid Conversation with Brittany Packnett

A Candid Conversation with Brittany Packnett took place on June 13, 2019 at the Ethical Society of St. Louis. Ms. Packnett’s extensive background, and her perspective as a St. Louis native, alum of Washington University, and member of the Ferguson Commission brought insight, challenges and encouragement to the attendees. The conversation, hosted by Women’s Voices…


IWF-funded study leads to St. Louis period poverty initiatives

Period Poverty Initiatives Address Long-Needed St. Louis Area Issues A global health issue is being addressed in a very local way, beginning with the work of SLU professor Anne Kuhlmann and a study funded by Incarnate Word Foundation. Dr. Kuhlmann examined how low-income people with periods in the St. Louis area get hygiene supplies and…


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Updates on the Catholic Church’s efforts to serve the poor and marginalized in St. Louis and across the globe.


RECON Events

An Invitation for St. Louis to Come Together, Learn Together, and Engage in Reuniting Divided Communities.



Every continent in the world is impacted by the corona virus pandemic. In St. Louis, we’re supporting communities to help us sustain each another.

Grant Partners

Grant Partners

Our grants spark collaborative relationships by
funding organizations serving the most vulnerable in our city.

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At the heart of the foundation, we value efforts to advance equity, opportunity, & human dignity. These efforts often address the following topics, though Racial Equity is the overarching, all-encompassing priority for each organization or project we fund.

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Funding neighborhood work fosters systemic change by addressing the root causes of poverty and oppression. It fosters the confidence within individuals to dream while simultaneously creating access to the tools and resources needed to achieve those dreams.