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Our Work & Our Role ⋆ Incarnate Word Foundation
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Our Work & Our Role

Where Philanthropy and Community Become Partners

We exist to Incarnate the presence of God as we engage in social justice through:

  • 1
  • Addressing the root causes of poverty in under-resourced communities
  • 2
  • Increasing equity in key issue areas of disparity: quality education, juvenile justice, youth employment, human trafficking, and economic justice
  • 3
  • Engaging communities in problem-solving and empowering them to have control of their own circumstances
  • 4
  • Uniting funders and other stakeholders in pursuing systemic change

If you are an organization working to achieve these pursuits, we would love to have a conversation. Here’s how we help:

Listen & Communicate to communities & research to identify needs

We believe it’s both effective and respectful to engage the communities we serve in devising their own solutions, and to leverage data & research to guide investment.

Convene stakeholders & funders to inspire collective change

We pursue solutions to complex issues that require diverse stakeholders to work together.

Fund organizations to advance equity & opportunity

Our grant funding is one tool of many that we use to effect change. We fund innovative solutions that are addressing the root causes of poverty and effective work that addresses issues of racial disparity.

Launch initiatives that address key issues, involve multiple stakeholders, and outgrow us

As we listen, convene, and fund, our role often allows us to see “gaps”. In these cases, we leverage our relationships, funding, and infrastructure to launch creative, cross-sector strategies.