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History and Mission of CCVI Sisters ⋆ Incarnate Word Foundation
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A Century and a Half of Selfless Service

History and Mission of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio

It’s been almost 150 years since the young women who became the first members of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word arrived in San Antonio. Their mission was to help the region recover from deadly epidemics; but that was only the beginning. Seeing so many young fathers widowed in the epidemics, the sisters entered the field of education to help raise the surviving children.

Since then and still today the sisters see evolving needs in San Antonio, St. Louis, Jefferson City, nationally and internationally in Mexico, Peru, Ireland and Zambia, and find the resources to address them. Their ministries include education, healthcare, transitional housing, pastoral care, the environment, care for the elderly, service to the Hispanic community and empowerment of women in poverty-stricken areas.

All their work is consistent with the original mission of service to education, women, children and the elderly and ending poverty. The foundation of the community, its spirituality and ministry, is the mystery of the Incarnation – that God in the person of Jesus Christ became human and lives among us. The sisters in turn discern how they can use their gifts to serve God and his creation.

“The sisters’ mission is to make God’s love a lived reality by service to education, women, children and the elderly, and the elimination of poverty.”